Heavy-Duty Graphic Design

Why Heavy Duty

Design With Purpose

Heavy-duty design works hard. Every element has a purpose. The purpose is to communicate. There are no meaningless gimmicks, gilding, or frills. Ads are designed to sell. Magazine layouts are tuned to invite reading. Logos are created and presented to establish a distinct identity.
A heavy-duty design will not make a bad idea good, an unwanted product desirable, or a frivolous service necessary. Yet properly executed, heavy-duty design will always make something that is great even better.

Art (right) developed for the table game, Rebuilding Main Street. The game is the centerpiece for an academic study of mindfulness and cooperation within city governments. Click here to view an intro video.

Parts of the Rebuilding Main street board game

Art (right) developed for the table game, Rebuilding Main Street. The game is the centerpiece for an academic study of mindfulness and cooperation within city governments. Click here to view an intro video.

It’s All Heavy Duty

Full-Service Studio

Forty-plus years of graphic design success enables Pennie Works to offer a wide range of expertise and project management for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits in marketing, branding, and media. Since Pennie Works is plugged into a group of established professionals, PWS is a single source for projects small and large. Pennie Works Studio is also pleased to provide heavy-duty design in collaboration with the professionals you choose. Allow the studio to help you be successful.
Image: Stillwater History Museum Datebooks

The limited-edition Stillwater History Museum datebook was produced annually and sold to benefit the museum. The datebook features photographs of museum exhibits as well as stories of organizations and families from the city’s history. The datebooks sold out quickly.


Brand Messaging • Digital Strategy • Marketing • Process and Asset Management


Logo development • Brand Standards • Brand Analysis & Positioning


Retail Packaging • Brochures • Print Advertising • Magazines • Books • Annual Reports • Newsletters


Websites • Website Content & Messaging • Landing Pages • Email Campaigns • Social Media


Signs • Banners • Recognition Displays • Trade Show Booth Design and Displays


Marketing Graphics • Illustrations • Editorial Art • Murals

They love the work

What People Are Saying

Perfect Match

“Pennie Works matched what I wanted with what I needed. With the logo toolkit he created, I can present Dear Britt clearly every place needed.”

 Brittany, Dear Britt Jewelry Design

Super Easy

Pennie Works Studio worked hard to understand my business. PWS created a branding package tuned to be effective in my target markets.”

Kristen, Masters Technology Services

Masters Technology Services logo

Blown Away

“Pennie Works Studio blew us away with their creativity, their professionalism, and the quality of their work. We could not have been more pleased with the final product, and look forward to being enthusiastic return customers in the near future.”

Melanie, co-creator of Rebuilding Main Street

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It’s So Confusing

File formats are baffling. If you can’t keep them straight, you are not the only one. Pennie Works Studio offers a guide to help you make sense of it. Download the pdf file explainer.

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My 2-Cents Worth

A Rose by Any Other Name

A Rose by Any Other Name

The Bard expressed the idea that a rose has a brand. The term implies characteristics that the end-user expects. He or she anticipates beauty, a certain inviting fragrance, thorns and all the emotional connections that the giving suggests. In this segment of Logos...

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March Canine of the Month

March Canine of the Month

The votes have been tallied. The envelope opened. PWS announces studio dog, Chui (pronounced chewie), as the March canine of the month. Chui will receive a belly rub as requested and an additional treat (if Clyde, the other dog, is distracted) on occasion. Please...

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Logo Utility, Part 2

Logo Utility, Part 2

In an earlier post, I talked about how the media channels have exploded. The Savvy marketeer will match a channel or channels that best reach their target market. So far so good. The trouble comes when the logo, the very thing that says who you are, the bug that packs...

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What Do I Know?

What Do I Know?

I retired from OSU two years ago. I have learned a few things in the transition. None of them will change your life. All I can say is they changed mine. Which oddly enough, reminds me of Donald Rumsfeld. He had the gift of saying memorable things, like, “You don't go...

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”Are We the Baddies?”

”Are We the Baddies?”

Below is a short video of a humorous skit about the power of a brand and its most significant trigger, the logo. It goes a long way to illustrate how the logo — in this case a skull — focuses and personifies the brand to both internal and external audiences. At least...

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